Krystal Clear Descaler & Sanitizer

Krystal Clear Descaler & Sanitizer

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Krystal Clear Descaler & Sanitizer

Krystal Clear is a concentrated descaler and sanitizer ideally used for cleaning, sanitizing and removing of hard water scale from ice machines and water coolers. 

DIRECTIONS: For removal of stubborn hard water scale, dilute product 1:2 to 1:4 with water. For effective scale removal, ensure contact time of 15-20 minutes for best results. 

For sanitizing and routine cleaning, 3mL of product per liter of water (3mL/L) will provide 200ppm active sanitizing. 

Wipe and rinse machine well to remove any excess product prior to ice production or water dispensing for human consumption. 

CAUTION: ACID - Do not mix with any other chemicals. Avoid prolonged contact with aluminum.