New Product Alert - Avalanche Cleaner Degreaser

New EcoLogo certified cleaner degreaser available now!

New Product Alert - Avalanche Cleaner Degreaser

Avalanche Cleaner Degreaser is a non-corrosive fully biodegradable water-soluble degreaser that removes oil, grease, dirt, smoke deposits and grime from hard surfaces. This product may safely be used for cleaning and degreasing of machinery, equipment, boats, garage floors and vinyl or aluminum siding. 

DIRECTIONS: Avalanche may be used in pressure washers, automatic scrubbers, mop and bucket applications or with a brush. Dilute the product 1:10, 1:32 or 1:80 parts of water for heavy, normal or light duty cleaning. For heavy duty degreasing dilute the product with hot water. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry. 

Avalanche is ECOLOGO certified to Hard Surface Cleaners UL 2759.


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