Quality cleaning in a quick sweep!

Viper PS480 Manual Push Sweeper

Quality cleaning in a quick sweep!

The compact design and construction add cost effectiveness to the well known Viper quality. Viper PS 480 is ideal when space is limited and for cleaning congested areas. This sweeper is virtually service free as it is purely mechanical with no motor, battery or power cord. The main broom is adjustable by turning a knob and is driven by a two-wheel transmission which will stop rotating when the sweeper is pulled backwards. The belt driven side broom is easily adjusted or replaced when necessary. An easy to empty and clean 10 gallon hopper, a fold-down robust handle and ease of use round out the great qualities of this affordable push sweeper that is capable of sweeping away paper, leaves, bottle caps, corks, cigarette butts - even small screws and nails.

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